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Ms. Lyndz’s Dance & Acrobat Company’s (MLD&AC) policy is to combine quality instruction in varied dance disciplines with an enjoyable and professional atmosphere. Our dedicated staff encourages each student to achieve the highest possible level of competence.


Placement and Contact with Teachers

Placement in the appropriate class is important to each student’s skill development and personal growth. Placement is based on the student’s age as of the first day of class. For students older, skill level and experience are also considered.


Dress Code (strictly enforced)

FEMALE – All Ballet classes – leotard, convertible tights, and appropriate style pink ballet shoes. Hair must be confined, off the face and not be a distraction during class.


Contemporary, Lyrical, Tap and Jazz – leotard and convertible tights. Black dance shorts & fully supported sports bra are permitted for older students. Sweat pants are permitted only during warm-ups or at teachers’ discretion. Tan tap and jazz shoes; bare feet for Contemporary Dance classes. Hair must be confined, off the face and not be a distraction during class.


Jewelry other than small earrings is not allowed in class and should be left at home. 


MALE – Black bike shorts or leggings and white t-shirt. Black jazz or ballet shoes; bare feet for Contemporary classes.


HIP HOP- Dancewear or loose fitting street wear & tennis shoes.



In order to attain growth within any dance/acrobat discipline students must attend class on a regular basis. Students will not be included in performance choreography if repeatedly absent from class. The week of rehearsals prior to the end of year show is mandatory for all dancers performing in the show. Students must arrive promptly for class and be prepared to take class in proper attire with hair up and shoes on. (MLD&AC) will not refund students/parents for ANY missed lessons. There will be a make-up class offered.


Tardiness disrupts the entire class and is a hazard to the dancer/acrobat safety. Any disruptive behavior will result in parents being contacted regarding removing child from class. Students must be picked up promptly after their class is finished, if running late PLEASE be courteous to call. Also, Please call if your child is unable to attend class.



Students are expected to be well-behaved, courteous, and honest and to abide by the rules of (MLD&AC).


All students and parents/guardians must conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful to others and themselves. They may not make comparisons to each other or speak negatively about one another or the instructors.


Talking or any disruption in the classroom will NOT be tolerated. Students with consistent behavior problems will be sent to the Director’s and the parents will be contacted.


There will be no rough-housing or loud voices in the building.


Students are expected to keep the bathrooms, waiting areas, and classrooms neat and clean. Students and visitors are expected to pick up after themselves.


Recital and Costume Fees 

 Combination classes perform two numbers. Costume fees will be available at the beginning of the year. All costume fees must be paid by in FULL. Costumes will not be given to your child until all fees are paid. Costume fees will not be refunded after costumes are ordered. Tuition, Dance Kits, Dance Costume & Dances Competitions fees all need to be paid in full. If you owe any type of balance before Ms. Lyndz’s Dance Rehearsal Showcase your child will NOT receive their costumes. ALL FEE’S MUST BE PAID!


Dismissal Policy

The studio reserves the right to cancel the enrollment of a child for the following reasons:

•Non-payment or excessive late payment fees despite attempted contact and invoice reminders.

• Not observing the rules and policies of the studio.

• Any action of physical or verbal abuse from parent or child.


Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

It is not the responsibility of the instructor or the studio for loss of materials or items left in the studio, waiting room, and any other areas of the building or our recital facility.


Pick-Up/Drop Off 

Please be prompt in picking up your children. Tell your child to remain in the studio and not outside. We are not responsible for children once they leave the building.


Payment Policy

 Monthly tuition payments  are due the 1st -10th of every month. Late payments will have a $10 late fee added. Tuition Fee's are based on the number of hours taken by each family. If MLD&AC does not receive a payment after tuition payment due date, do not bring your child. (CHECKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED)


 We Accept all forms of payment method


  •   ​Cash

  •   Visa

  •   Mastercard

  •   Discover


Monthly/Registration fees, costume fee, leotard fee and competition fees are ALL non-refundable. This does not exclude paying ANY of the mentioned fee's in advance. Monthly fees remain the same despite five, four, or three week sessions. This also includes fewer classes (holidays) or more classes (5-week months). 


Company Members

Participating in Dance/Acrobat Team is a privilege that requires effort, commitment, and desire. Dance/Acrobat Team rehearsals and performance preparation will take place at times that are in addition to scheduled classes. 


All dance and acrobat fees must be paid in FULL. If you owe any type of past balance on your account before disbursement, costumes (leotards) will not be given to your child until all fees are paid. Costume (leotards) fees will not be refunded after costumes (leotards) are ordered. This does not exclude dance/gym warm-ups. 


Dance/Acrobat Team auditions will be held at the discretion of the Company Director, date to be decided.


All students wishing to be a part of the Company Teams must audition. Once your dancer/gymnast has made the team you are not required to re-enroll your child. Your child will attend all year round. 


A separate letter discussing the Company policy as well as audition schedule will be sent to eligible dancers.


The Company Director and Studio Director have the right to dismiss Company members due to tardiness, absences, behavior and/or lack of payment as well as dancers and/or parents that do not follow Company policy.


Communication Policy

It is extremely important to have good, positive communication between (MLD&AC) with our students and their families. Important class information and announcements will be posted on our bulletin board and website. It is each student or parent’s responsibility to check these each week to make sure you stay up to date. If you miss a class or for whatever reason do not come with your student to class, it is your responsibility to ask for weekly announcement information.

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